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Airway-focused Dentistry

Breathe Better, Sleep Better with Airway-focused Dentistry

The air you breathe supplies your body with the much-needed oxygen to survive, thrive, and function optimally. Airway dentistry focuses on the mouth’s structure and its impact on breathing. A dentist specializing in airway dentistry can identify underdevelopment of the mouth and jaws and other symptoms related to breathing or sleep disorder.

Buscemi Family Dentistry in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, understands breathing is life — insufficient body oxygen can harm your overall health and quality of life. Dr. Vincent Buscemi uses an airway-centered approach to dental care to identify structural problems affecting your sleep or airway and develop tailored corrective care.

Conditions that airway dentistry can help with

Airway dentistry is commonly associated with sleep-disordered problems such as sleep apnea and snoring. These conditions rob your body of restful sleep and sufficient oxygen. If left untreated, these sleep disorders disrupt your sleeping patterns, often making you feel fatigued and stressed despite long hours of sleep. Over time, this puts stress on your nervous system and major organs.

Your sleep disorder could result from underdeveloped oral structures, leaving little space for the tongue. Due to inadequate space, the tongue can’t achieve its proper resting position on the roof of your mouth. Due to this structural abnormality, your tongue collapses when muscles relax during sleep, blocking your airway.

Since disordered breathing typically happens during sleep, these cases often go unnoticed or undiagnosed until you suffer health complications, like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, depression, and hypertension. No wonder over 80% of Americans are undiagnosed for a sleep disorder like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)!

Restoring functional breathing with airway-focused dentistry

Jaw underdevelopment, especially in children, may cause breathing problems at night. Through dental appliance therapy, an airway dentist can promote the natural growth and proper positioning of the teeth, jaws, and mouth.

A customized dental device corrects the underlying development issues, giving your tongue enough space to reach its optimal resting position. By eliminating airway obstructions, we restore functional breathing, opening a list of health improvements and enhanced quality of life.

Breathe well and feel great again with airway dentistry

Buscemi Family Dentistry offers proprietary, minimally invasive, and non-surgical treatments to clear your airway and help you breathe and rest more easily. Kickstart your oral wellness journey by calling (248) 654-8848 for a free evaluation by Dr. Vincent Buscemi.

We offers proprietary, minimally invasive, and non-surgical treatments to clear your airway and help you breathe and rest more easily. New Patients: (248) 654-8848 | Existing Patients: (248) 646-6363
Dr. Vincent Buscemi
Dr. Vincent Buscemi obtained his dental degree from the prestigious University of Michigan School of Dentistry in 2014. He received more extensive training in biomimetic dentistry when he attended the Alleman Center for Biomimetic Dentistry. Dr. Buscemi serves as a member of the Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. He established Buscemi Family Dentistry to provide the benefits of biomimetic dentistry, including enhanced long-term oral and whole-body health, to families in and around Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. This superior alternative to dental treatment addresses patients’ whole health needs while also restoring smiles.