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Get to know the biomimetic dentistry difference … for a healthy, beautiful smile that lasts!

Buscemi Family Dentistry is synonymous in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and our corner of the Mitten with biomimetic dental services. 

What does biomimetic dentistry mean for you? It means a comfortable treatment experience and utmost satisfaction with the outcomes or results from treatment. Dental procedures that align with biomimetic principles are conservative, last long, and are of great value. 

Let’s break it down: “Bio” refers to the word “life.” “Mimetic” is rooted in the word “mimesis,” which means to “mimic” or “imitate.” So, biomimetic services and techniques are designed to mimic the properties of natural tissues. Our dentist, Dr. Vincent Buscemi, supports this tissue-preserving approach to dentistry by: 

  • Conserving as much of the teeth as possible, minimizing the amount of tooth structure that is drilled away during procedures
  • Avoiding root canal therapy and other more extensive dental procedures whenever possible 
  • Emphasizing treatments that restore and retain the natural tooth, rather than the removal and replacement of teeth
  • Creating restorations that maintain sustained oral health, healthy function, and a terrific appearance in the smile 
  • Using modern adhesives and bonding techniques to prevent complications associated with more aggressive, traditional approaches to dental restorations, for instance, risks of fractures and re-infection 

As a biomimetic dentist, Dr. Buscemi offers all the comprehensive services you might expect from other dental practices in Bloomfield Township, Birmingham, Rochester, Troy, and the surrounding area. However, he views and approaches these services through the lens of biomimetics. So, you can trust the safety, value, aesthetics, and strength of the following offerings at our office: 

  • Prevention – The best way to maintain the natural strength, appearance, and function of the teeth is with consistent dental check-ups. These check-ups combine both comprehensive oral exams and professional cleanings by our hygienists. This combination of services helps reduce the risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease – the leading causes of tooth loss. Also, regular appointments scheduled at least once every six months allow us to identify and treat problems as early as possible. We can also integrate professional preventive services, such as fluoride supplementation, into your routine appointment. 
  • Restoration – Even with our best efforts, trauma and other types of damage to the teeth and oral tissues can still arise. Fortunately, we can rebuild portions of the teeth and gum line with dental restorations such as biomimetic fillings. The entire tooth can even be reconstructed with dental implants, which are designed like natural teeth to support lasting, healthy function. We also offer emergency dental care for peace of mind and prompt treatment. 
  • Cosmetic – Our restorations look like natural teeth. However, Dr. Buscemi also provides a range of services primarily recommended for cosmetic improvement. These services include porcelain veneers, thin layers of durable dental ceramics applied to the front surfaces of the teeth to disguise chips, small cracks, gaps, and other imperfections. Professional whitening at our office is a terrific value because it works to support whiter teeth over the long term. We can discuss home and in-office whitening options. Buscemi Family Dentistry is also pleased to be a provider of Invisalign®, a discreet alternative to silver-colored metal braces to straighten teeth. 

Now that you know a little about us, we look forward to meeting you and your family! Call us today at (248) 654-8848 to schedule an appointment at our Bloomfield Hills practice. Or, for your convenience, schedule a free consultation on this website. 

Dr. Vincent Buscemi


Dr. Buscemi is passionate about biomimetic dentistry and the immense benefits that it provides to his patients’ long term health and wellbeing. After getting frustrated with the limits and at times negative consequences of traditional dentistry, Dr. Buscemi sought out a superior alternative to treating his patients and addressing their health needs and concerns all while restoring their smiles.

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Biomimetic Dentistry

Replicates the function, and esthetics of natural teeth.

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Same-day biomimetic crowns to restore your smile.

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Restorative Dentistry

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