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Ok I would recommend Dr. Buscemi because the staff as well as Dr. Buscemi are all very friendly – everyone’s very thorough, and you can tell that everyone here really cares about your dental health and wants to make sure that you have a good experience, and you leave with clean teeth!

Testimonial Video 2

Hi everyone, I just am one of Dr. B’s patients. I call him Dr. B because he feels like family to me all of the staff does, I have to tell you that he is the best of the best and I am saying that because since the time I started seeing him, he has always put my needs first. He takes his time, and he tries to preserve my teeth as long as possible, as well as every family member which the list keeps growing and I keep sending his way because I have complete confidence in everything that he and the staff here does, and I highly recommend him if you have any doubts in any way that you need to come and experience for yourself, exactly what Dr. Buscemi does for you and your family. You will never want to go anywhere else.

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